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Cycling 28 September 1974

The Skol 6 at Wembley was big news back in the Seventies, with the race taking sole position on the front cover.

Briton Tony Gowland led at this stage, partnered by German Sigi Renz. Gowland was

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Zwift Results
With 600m of elevation to get over the Mountain 8 climb, it was a day for the climbing specialists – and Andy Nichols flew Dec 5 – Greatest London Flat Dec 12 – France, Casse Pattes It was up and down the fearsome Bologna lump for last week’s (25 Nov
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Great Inventions Of… 2009 The Long Sock
There had, of course, been long socks before – stockings were what a touring man wore with his tweed plus-twos for quite a lot of the 20th century. But the long sock we’re shuddering over here is the aerodynamic long sock. And it was invented in 2009
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Debuting At The 1992 Giro D’Italia
Ex-pro Harry Lodge’s Grand Tour debut at the 1992 Giro d’Italia was quite different to today. The ’92 peloton didn’t have rest days and rode 500km more than the 2020 equivalent, but “the Italians wouldn’t race until the TV cameras arrived at 100km to