STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: Pharma showers state legislators with money; FDA approves the first drug for Ebola

Source: Alex Hogan/STAT

Rise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. We can tell, partly, because our short person is

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STAT+: Pharmalittle: Serum Institute Threatens To Sue Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Participant; U.S. Agency Prepares For Covid-19 Vaccine Fraud
The Department of Homeland Security is working with dozens of drug companies racing to finalize and distribute Covid-19 vaccines and treatments to prepare for the scams that are coming.
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STAT+: Pharmalittle: Biden Wins Biotech Support Despite His Policies; WHO Sets Covid-19 Compensation Fund For Low-income Nations
From a policy perspective, Joe Biden should be biotech’s worst nightmare. But that isn’t stopping major biotech chief executives and investors from personally backing Biden's campaign.
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STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: AstraZeneca Could Profit From Covid-19 Vaccine As Of July; New England Journal Slams Trump
AstraZeneca could start profiting from its Covid-19 vaccine as soon as July 2021, according to a memo showing the drug maker can declare when it considers the pandemic over.