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Tell us a little about The Vegetarian Kitchen. Why did you write a vegetarian cookbook?

I’m not a veggie, but I love vegetarian cooking. My Michelin-starred restaurant used to have a separate vegetarian menu, and... it didn’t sell very well anyway! But now it seemed a good idea to write a new book and, as my niece and co-author Peta has never eaten meat, we went ahead and did it.

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A late 19th-century example of the classic button-back Bridgewater armchair in modern upholstery, with a company stamp on the rear leg, sold for £2,125 at Lyon & Turnbull. With the company’s stamp on the frame and upholstered in Howard & Sons’ monog
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Utility rooms can combine several purposes. Traditionally they have been used for laundry; mainly washing, drying, ironing and airing clothes and linens. But they can also be used to house many workaday items, helping to keep the main kitchen clutter
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Rare Miniature Dinner Service Makes £37,800
It may be tiny, but one of the highlights of the recent Thomas Goode: Preparing for the Next 200 Years auction at Sotheby’s attracted substantial bids when it went up for sale in January. The miniature porcelain dinner service was commissioned in 192