Our State: Celebrating North Carolina

Scenes from a Museum

hadn’t taken a single art class in school, owing to the fact that my artistic ability is limited to doodles and stick figures. I’d never helped paint a poster for a class president or papier-mâché’d a float for homecoming, and I most certainly was not a member of the high school art club. Yet none of that stopped me from

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Our State: Celebrating North Carolina2 min gelesenCookbooks, Food, & Wine
To-Do List
Stacy Curtis, head floral designer at The Farmer’s Wife Antiques & Flowers in Greensboro, has spent the past few decades designing bouquets that are made to last. Follow Curtis’s six steps to building a beautiful backyard arrangement that will thrive
Our State: Celebrating North Carolina1 min gelesen
a Funky New Arts District in WILMINGTON a Massive Camera Collection in MORGANTON Carolina-Style Cheesecake in HIGH POINT a Winning Burger in CHARLOTTE RECIPES: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! ■
Our State: Celebrating North Carolina2 min gelesen
Built to Last
In 1979, we moved from our small house in downtown Asheboro to our new home in the country, a two-story Cape Cod on a hill. It had a sunken den with wide wooden beams overhead, a wood-burning fireplace, and a two-car garage My dad never intended to p