What Is Human Design, and How Can It Help You Find Your Purpose? Here's Everything to Know

Excited young friends taking selfie outdoors. Diverse group of men and women sitting together and taking self portrait on their holiday.

People want to have as much insight into their actions, personalities, and futures as possible, as evidenced by the abundance of self-help tips, personality tests, and astrology-based content and apps there are out there. And I think this is for good reason. Even 50 years ago, there weren't many options for "finding your purpose" or "chasing your dreams." Roles were more or less laid out for you, and there wasn't much space to explore your options or ask what it was you even wanted to do with your life.

Fast forward to today. We have automated jobs, the internet, , and more. Our lives look a lot different than the "go to school, get a job because it pays the bills, , retire, die" narrative many found themselves trapped in. We actually get to ask questions around whether we even want to get married or not, what it is we love to do, what our gifts are, and how we can turn those passions into a career and life we actually love and thrive in. Despite the natural consequences of a sped-up world, this is truly an exciting time to be alive as we continue to learn what it means to evolve in consciousness together.

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