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Ardya Matsyendrasana Variations


hile seated, place a bolster lengthwise on your yoga mat. Shift your right hip to touch the short edge of the prop. Drape your torso on

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Know Your Knees to Help Prevent Pain and Injury
ASANA REQUIRES A lot from the knees. When we practice poses, we stretch the supporting structures in front of, behind, and on the sides of the joint: We bend and twist them for Padmasana (Lotus Pose), kneel on them in Virasana (Hero Pose), and compre
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A Lie on your right side with your bottom leg extended, foot flexed. With your right elbow down on the mat, bend it to bring your right palm to support your head. Ground down evenly from your elbow to your foot.B Stack your body so that your left hip
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Align with Your Values
CRISIS HAS A way of revealing weak foundations. The events of the last year caused us to reflect on the structural integrity of the systems that govern us. For those who have built lives upon inequality, racism, fear, or privilege—either implicitly o