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Rise Up
WHEN WE SETTLED on the theme of this issue—Raise Your Vibration—we talked a lot about what that means. And more importantly, what it doesn’t. Because all too often, elevating your energetic state is conflated with platitudes like “good vibes only” an
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Our Contributors Share Short Mental Resets
When I’m on the go and I only have a moment to pause, my all-time favorite practice is Breath of Fire—a Kundalini technique that involves quick breathing through the nostrils paired with exaggerated belly pulses. When I do get anxiety, I usually feel
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Anantasana Variations
To build strength and stability in the pose, lift your left leg as described on the previous page, then release the hold on your foot or leg. Root the right side of your body down into the floor, using your core to keep your leg up. Hold for 5–10 bre