The growth of a local brand is always worth celebrating – it’s proof that homegrown designers are expanding and succeeding. Design studio Lemon’s journey over the past decade has been gradual, but looking back to

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12 Take The Heat
You’re going to find this difficult to believe, but Joburgers finally have a spot to head to in the country that is beautiful, and that serves exceptional food too: And Then There Was Fire, sensationally situated at Nirox Sculpture Park. While our Ca
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In Transit
In this time of our plague, movement circumscribed, domestic stasis no longer voluntary, I invent ways of flying while nesting. My passport takes me inwards; I recall roads of my past, forever in transit – flight in amber. In Bloemfontein, on the sid
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3 Top Form
Founded as a university start-up called Okinlab, Formbar’s parametrically designed furniture and shelving pieces have been brought to South Africa by local entrepreneur Matthew Swart. “The freedom of customising your own furniture allows you to be mo