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Previous private passengers

n 1984, American citizen Charles D Walker became the first non-government sponsored person to reach space. His employer, aerospace company McDonnell Douglas,

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BBC Sky at Night5 min gelesenScience & Mathematics
Vixen Atera H12x30 Stabilised Binoculars
As image-stabilised binoculars occupy a unique niche in binocular astronomy, it always piques our interest when a new player enters the field. The Vixen Atera H12x30 binoculars have a one-piece body with adjustable eyepiece turrets. As well as a hard
BBC Sky at Night5 min gelesenScience & Mathematics
Altair 72mm EDF Deluxe refractor
Small, short focal length refractors are extremely popular and – with a weight of 2.5kg and length of 32.5cm – the Altair 72mm EDF is marketed as a travel scope. It’s no one-trick pony, however, as the 72mm EDF is sold in two different configurations
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