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The Power Of Soap
In March 2020, soap sales in the UK more than doubled. This slippery, bubbly substance has a unique chemical make-up that allows it to rip through viruses, disintegrating microbes in milliseconds. It has truly been a lifesaver during the coronavirus
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Triassic Period Ended With A ‘Lost’ Mass Extinction
Before the dawn of the age of dinosaurs, a heavy rain descended upon the supercontinent Pangaea, and it kept raining for more than a million years. This epic rainy spell, known now as the Carnian Pluvial Episode (CPE), occurred roughly 233 million ye
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VICIOUS VENOM Toxic attackers
From snakes and stonefish to octopuses and sea slugs, many hunters of the sea use venom to immobilise or kill their prey. A hunting octopus, for example, can either release venom into the surrounding water, or create a wound with its mouth to direct