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Female suspect

ver three-quarters of those on trial were female due to the sexism of the time.

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Behind The Eyes
Behind the lens of an eye is this network of vessels and cells. In orange is the DNA of retinal ganglion cells, responsible for transmitting image-forming information from the retina to the brain. In green are supportive non-neuronal cells called gli
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Meet This Issue’s Experts…
Andy is a freelance science writer based in Exeter, UK. He previously worked in early stage drug discovery research, followed by a brief stint in silicone adhesive and rubber manufacturing. Andrew has a PhD in astrophysics and 30 years in public and
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The Final Assembly
The spacecraft is assembled onto the mobile launcher platform. This will support the vehicle while in the VAB, as well as during liftoff. Weighing around 3 million kilograms, this vehicle transports the spacecraft and mobile launcher to the launch p