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With a nostalgic nod to Christmas past, the Robin tableware collection gives us all the cosy, festive feels. The red, white and green design is a classic that

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‘We Can’t Wait To Have Friends And Family Over’
‘The old kitchen was a good size, but it was brown and beige, and felt dark. There was a lean-to at the side, and we knew we could utilise this space. I’ve got a thing about sightlines, and to get that perfect view of the garden I wanted metal-framed
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Welcome To Our Home
Tina Lightbound, a housewife and husband Mike, a finance partner for a property developer live here with children Jack, 13, and Isaac, 11. A five-bedroom Arts and Crafts house in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Bought for £2,025,000 in January 2017; no
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Welcome To My Home
Laura Clare lives here with her husband Matt Francis, and their children Zac, two, and newborn twins Zadie and Rae. A four-bedroom Victorian semi-detached in east London Kitchen units.......£13,500 Worktops.............£2,500 Cherrywood carpe