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Give and Go
IT’S 10 A.M. in California, and sunshine is streaming into Steve Simon’s San Francisco office. Framed rock posters lean against the wall, waiting to be hung. There’s the Grateful Dead; Sly and the Family Stone; Radiohead; that famous one by Milton Gl
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at Commissary Barber & Barista, $5.50 Tinker Coffee (Indy) ORDER Over the summer, local lifestyle influencer Mike G put his stamp on a wild yam drink at Commissary. A similar double-espresso take lives on with pineapple and
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Wanted Crowning Glory
A swan can symbolize many things—like grace in ancient Greece, when it was considered sacred to Aphrodite, or loyalty in the United Kingdom, where killing one is a crime. Here in Indy, it brands The Cake Bake Shop, where you’ll find this Swan Cake To