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Harpoon On
The grappling hook, which everyone knows is gaming’s best mechanic, has a new star. Olijafeatures an eldritch harpoon that grapples on to enemies and orange-eyed black tentacles, and you can teleport to it with a slash. It’s a simple design which sit
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Total War: Warhammer II
Despite Total War: Warhammer III coming soon (see p26), I’m still obsessed with its predecessor. After more than three years, I’m still conducting my glorious wars, wiping out empires and telling my little goblins that I love them dearly. And it’s ju
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Everybody Nerts
Zachtronics’ latest release is, surprisingly, a version of the card game Nerts! – a real-time, competitive game where players have to frantically shuffle, sort, and clear their own decks of playing cards. Nerts! Online is a relatively skeletal adapta