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Flying In The Face Of Gravity
SITTING DOWN FOR my Zoom chat with Patrick Davidson, one wouldn’t think he spends much of his time upside down in an aircraft travelling at speeds and pulling off manoeuvres that can only be likened to the way UFOs travel in sci-fi movies. I’m not su
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Let’s Get Moving
BY THE TIME you read this, I will either be out on the trail, or would have already completed the five-day hike some of my friends and I have planned to celebrate the end of 2020, and the dawn of the new year. And I’m sure I’ll hear no objections fro
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Pierre Reviews For Popular Mechanics
I was super excited when told I’d be reviewing one of the K-Way Expedition Series Jackets, as it meant I could visit the K-Way laboratory again. I’ve been a proud owner of a K-Way Expedition Series Kilimanjaro Shell Jacket since 2012, but it’s now sa