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A canape fit for royalty! Lobster and king prawns in a creamy white wine sauce laced with Cognac. Roll out the red carpet.

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Woman's Weekly Living Series3 min gelesenCookbooks, Food, & Wine
The herb has for centuries been linked with memory. It’s even mentioned by Shakespeare – in Hamlet , the character Ophelia, using flower symbolism, says it’s ‘for remembrance’. It’s thought to increase blood flow to the brain, enhancing concentration
Woman's Weekly Living Series5 min gelesenRegional & Ethnic
5 Ways With APPLES
Pork and apple is a classic combination, we have mixed the two together and stuffed them into a roasted butternut squash to make this cosy winter dinner. SERVES 2 ✣ Small to medium-sized butternut squash✣ 2tbsp olive oil✣ 400g (14oz) of pork sausa
Woman's Weekly Living Series5 min gelesenCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Low sugar TREATS!
Your favourite sundae in cake form, complete with a cherry on top. MAKES 10 ✣ 2 large eggs✣ 2 very ripe bananas✣ 1½tsp vanilla extract✣ 125g (4oz) unsalted butter, softened✣ 65g (2oz) light muscovado sugar✣ 1tsp bicarbonate of soda, mixed with 4tb