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The Power of Two

General aviation's traditional twins have been under pressure in the past decade from new entrants that leverage new technology in their construction. As a result, once all-conquering metal twins are being overtaken by the newcomers, reflecting trends also seen in the single-engine market. Established manufacturers have adopted new technologies in glass cockpits and three-axis autopilots, which has propelled their airframes into the 21st Century, enabling customer to select a tried-and-trusted airframe with modern capability. However, the market has clearly preferred the newer designs with their sleeker looks and lower per-hour costs.

Potential owners of new twins are hardly spoilt for choice, with very few available on the market compared to singles.

Australian Flying has collated data on all the new piston twins being offered new to make a buying decision slightly easier.

“the market has clearly preferred the newer designs”

Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander

When pilots start talking about twin-engine utility aircraft, the conversation will always involve Britten-Norman's fetch-and-carry BN2 Islander. Like so many other GA aeroplanes, the Islander has heritage back to the 1960s, and over the passing decades has excelled in most operations like short-haul passenger transport, freight, aeromedical, skydiving and has even been

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