Philadelphia Police Release 'Traumatic' Bodycam Video Of Walter Wallace Jr. Shooting

"We understand that the materials released today will be very painful. It will elicit anger, rage, distress, evoke more questions, and rightfully so," the district attorney said, urging calm.
A demonstrator holds a placard reading "WALTER WALLACE JR." during a protest near the location where Walter Wallace, Jr. was killed by two police officers on Oct, 27 in Philadelphia. Source: Mark Makela

Philadelphia city officials on Wednesday released "traumatic" bodycam footage worn by the officers who fatally shot Walter Wallace Jr. last week, urging the public to remain calm as the city comes under national scrutiny for the shooting.

The Philadelphia Police Department also released multiple 911 calls made by neighbors and Wallace's own family, pleading for help as the 27-year-old experienced a violent psychological episode.

The bodycam videos begin as Officers Sean

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