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When there is genuine synergy between kitchen-maker and homeowner, the results speak for themselves, and this beautifully curated kitchen is a great case in point. ‘We had an idea to create an eclectic space that didn’t

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Stoke up the hibernating warmth with dramatic contrasts of black and gold – think coals and flame, or even butter on toast. We’re talking vivid winter sun shades infused with burnished metallics and charcoal embers to deliver smouldering richness to
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Rhapsody In Blue
For Anneke Herbers, it was a case of keeping it in the family when it came to the country house she now lives in – it originally belonged to her parents. ‘At first the house was a base for my father and my daughter Marjon to keep and breed horses in
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At Home With...
Owners John and Jackie Copping, a retired counsellor and textile artist. House Longyard Cottage, dating from the 1740s, in Nazeing, Essex. Features A large garden with broad lawns shaded in summer by willows, birches and beeches, and home to coun