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continuous stream of top-drawer performances compressed into the most intense few months ever seen in international bike racing doesn’t make it any easier to

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Gear Of The Week
Weight 217g Size 38cm Prime’s updated Primavera Aero Carbon Handlebar offers a cockpit upgrade at a much lower price than the competition as well as being packed full of thoughtful touches which make these bars easy to live with and a pleasure to rid
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Peter Smith 1944-2021
One of three members of Clifton Cycling Club to represent Great Britain in the four-man 100km team time trial at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, Peter Smith died last month from injuries he received in an incident while riding his bike. Team-mate and lifel
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Always Elevating
Hugh Carthy is giving a sermon on pastry. “Sometimes people try and compensate for the filling of a pie by just putting more pastry in. It’s like a Yorkshire pudding on a Sunday dinner, they’re putting in pastry to make up for what they lack in every