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‘It’s not about toxins or blood flow!’

In your view, how does massage work?

My approach is very evidence-based, and I understand that the research into massage is pretty minimal. As a massage therapist, I’m not trying to fix someone; my job is to explain and use a hands-on

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The fabulous Shay Elliott was profiled this week as he made his pro debut on the Continent. The Irishman was well known to the readers of Cycling magazine following some impressive exploits against the best British riders of the time. In 1953 he’d fi
Cycling Weekly2 min gelesen
Should The Tokyo Olympics Go Ahead?
◼ No! Listen to the people of Japan, not old men in blazers. Bill Caeny ◼ I’d love to see the Olympics go ahead but only if it’s safe to do so. Dean Unsworth ◼ Am guessing they’ll find a way to make it happen. They’ve spent too much not to. Going to
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Top Fun
As my back wheel skitters across the tarmac on some gravel following some over-enthusiastic braking I think to myself, “There aren’t many ways in which I’m like Tom Cruise, but we do both do all our own stunts.” The diminutive Hollywood star is front