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Scintillating Spain

opened your November issue with the usual relish to find your Bordeaux en primeur report and a guide to the wines of Spain. I am more than happy to read the Bordeaux notes, with the usual descriptors of ‘grip’, ‘cassis’, ‘power’ and ‘precision’, but where was my excitement?

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Monitor: Burgundy Sales Activity
It hasn’t been plain sailing for Burgundy in the past year, but top wines are still setting records, and a US tariffs reprieve announced on 5 March by the Office of the US Trade Representative could unlock fresh demand. Liv-ex’s Burgundy 150 index di
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Amarone: A Tale Of Two Styles
Over time, from about the 1990s, two main styles of Amarone arose, following the example of Quintarelli and Dal Forno – two influential leading estates – which produced differently styled models of Valpolicella Classico and Valpolicella Orientale, re
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Great Buys: Hungary Beyond Tokaj
• Hungarian Zsigmond Teleki helped save wine for the world in the 19th century by breeding the rootstock that enabled European grapevines to resist the destruction caused by the phylloxera bug • Two-thirds of Hungary’s vineyards grow on volcanic soil