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Confidence Is All

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.
—Mark Twain

Being comfortable with uncertainty does not come naturally to most of us. If you’re one of the few, take note that the majority of your colleagues will probably need some convincing.

Most take comfort in predictability, yet in the business world we’re expected to guess the future—what will our customers value in five years? What might our competitors do to leapfrog the market? Where are the economic, political, and technological trends headed? We don’t have any choice but to deal in uncertainty. Success follows when we get it right.

Fortunately, we can be confident in some predictions. For the rest, we have to keep doors open to opportunity, get good at hedging, and do what we can to increase our odds.

We gain confidence through achievement, and the very best way to adapt your business to change

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