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Writing non-fiction books can be incredibly rewarding. Researching topics, coming up with ideas and thinking of interesting approaches can all be tremendous fun, and a refreshing change from developing characters and writing fiction.

Key areas of creating non-fiction books include:

• Research
• Creating ideas• Writing and editing
• Marketability and submitting proposals

Four successful non-fiction authors share their experience of creating non-fiction for children.

Catherine Barr: Research

What type of nonfiction do you write?

I write picture books for primary aged children – but all ages can enjoy picture books. I learn so much myself, often writing about subjects that I am keen to explore and understand.

I studied ecology, campaigned for Greenpeace and worked for the Natural History Museum. My books reflect my own curiosity about the natural world and my interest in inspiring children to get involved in caring for the natural world around them.

The subjects of my books are wide ranging. My

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