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The 35 feet metal installation, AABH for Taj Ahmedabad takes inspiration from the form and the folds created by and of the festival of . Designed by Rhea Mehta, the piece almost looks like it is floating and defying gravity. To showcase the embroidery of the , the installation features

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An architect and urban designer by education, Rutuja Kendurkar is a fibre artist by passion. She started Thread101 as a one stop shop in the market for all kinds of sustainable home décor pieces and utility elements. Having showcased her creations in
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Editor’s Note
Happy New Year! I hope you are still relishing the beautiful memories from the cozy get-togethers we all had at home to celebrate the new year. Crazy as the pandemic may be, it has also become a source of inspiration for many - from interesting work
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• 2tbps flax seed• 5tbsp water• 110ml extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil• 160gms jaggery powder• A pinch salt• 60gms cocoa powder• 115gms refined flour/oat flour• 1 tbsp vanilla extractMETHOD• Make a powder out of the flax seeds and add in the wa