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In the modern world the internet is by far the best platform for showing your work to the world. There is an endless source of potential custom, both globally and on a local level, catering for almost any market you wish to serve with your photography.

Getting noticed online, however, is a challenge. As with any lucrative market, the more opportunities there are the more competitive it becomes. There was a statistic in circulation several years ago stating that, in terms of high street photography, there were enough photographers in the UK to serve most of Europe’s demand. No doubt there is a similar environment in much of the rest of

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“Can Photographers Become Filmmakers And Are The Two Disciplines Really That Different?”
The question above was asked by this month’s pro interviewee – photographer and filmmaker Clive Booth – on one of his typically ponderous website posts. I include it not just to introduce Booth (p74), but also this month’s video feature. There’s no d
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Shoot Specialist Video
Just as with still photography you must adapt your video technique for specific genres and functions. For large scale productions, or for cinematic short films, drone videography can be a perfect scene setting tool, establishing where and when the re
Digital Photographer2 min gelesenScience & Mathematics
Shoot A Woodland Sunset
Woodlands and forests are excellent environments to explore with a camera. From the small details we can find at ground level, to the towering effect of shooting up with a wide-angle lens, there are tremendous possibilities for dramatic shots. A wond