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Chaos Theory

It is said that while history does not repeat, it rhymes. It is a case that Fareed Zakaria makes in his new book, . Drawing from a dazzling array of sources, from the historian Richard Hofstadter to psychologist Jonathan Haidt, from philosopher Aristotle to political scientist Hans Morgenthau – Zakaria gleans insight and wisdom from some of the world’s greatest thinkers across time to support his arguments, presenting them in a form that is both sophisticated and accessible. Zakaria writes in a pacy style and with an authoritative tone that never crosses over to supercilious. This book is also, unwittingly, a powerful promotion for a liberal arts education – which fosters critical thought processes that allow one to make connections between ostensibly disparate fields to arrive at a conclusion of one’s own. In other words, independent thinking – one of the key attributes needed to navigate a world

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