UCI World Championships

Imola, Italy


fter the storm comes a rainbow, so Julian Alaphilippe learns as he rides away from the grey skies that have gathered over Imola towards a rainbow jersey waiting for him at the finish line. On a rare bit of flat

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Pro Diaries
ISRAEL START-UP NATION Off-eason, very much like the ‘season’ itself, had a different complexion in 2020. Usually we disappear on holiday, escape reality and routine for a couple of weeks and do something different. All the time we spend in hotels du
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Learning Process
Cycling, we are told, is all about the numbers. Which is why Lauren Stephens may be in the perfect sport. Before she turned professional in mid-2013, she worked as a high school math teacher in Dallas, Texas. “I taught high school math for three year
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Second Chance
I was born in Gent and still live here. Claeys is a very Flemish name; Dimitri is Russian, but there’s no real reason my parents called me that. I have no Russian grandparents or family. I feel Flemish, but also Belgian and European. I’m not so natio