He’s a climber, but he’s also pretty explosive. When it’s a finish on top of a climb with a

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I caught up with the Aussie sprinter for a long off-season chat and asked: “Just how did you win that Tour stage in EDITOR Sisteron?” See page 28. The first in our new in-depth series of looking at cycling countries and cultures. First up: Denmark, b
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Bauer And The Glory
Within cycling, each nation’s pioneers stand out. They have certain things in common. Their careers are studded with ‘firsts’ for their country. More importantly, they are very influential. They inspire compatriots to follow them into what was – from
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EDITOR By the time you read this it’ll be 2021, we’ll be contemplating a new professional cycling season with new hope, and I may have digested the cheese and wine with which I celebrated another year of Procycling magazine over the Christmas period.