e finished the season with a classics campaign, which wasn’t normal. Usually we have the classics and everything like the Giro and Tour comes after. During the campaign it wasn’t that strange, it was only when we had finished and were going home that you realise it’s a bit weird. It

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Dan’s Cycling Hacks
13 I would be lying if I said that having twin girls growing up in the house and being a professional cyclist has been easy. I’m fortunate to have an incredibly understanding wife who allows me to dodge many of the usual parenting duties, even the in
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Pro Diaries
ISRAEL START-UP NATION Off-eason, very much like the ‘season’ itself, had a different complexion in 2020. Usually we disappear on holiday, escape reality and routine for a couple of weeks and do something different. All the time we spend in hotels du
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‘87 Power Games
As statements of geopolitics go, taking the Tour de France, an event described in the leftwing newspaper L’Humanité as a “gaudy monument to capitalism”, behind the Iron Curtain for the start of the 1987 Tour was a bold one. Nobody could have known th