Signs her first professional contract with the Belgian Sengers Ladies team and wins five races including the GC and two stages at the Tour de Bretagne Féminin. Finishes fifth in her first Worlds RR.


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Laurens Ten Dam
We all know those days. It is three degrees outside, barely dry and the road is wet. You have to go out and train but sitting next to the fireplace is much more appealing than getting dressed to face the cold December air. Or, you’re hungry and you n
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‘07 Schrödinger’s Tour
or a race that started in London and finished in Paris, it was apt that the 2007 Tour gave us the best and worst of times. In the first decade of the new century, the sport’s followers moved from an epoch of belief to an epoch of incredulity, and the
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Coach’s Corner
Team director, Zappi Racing Team Calum is definitely a climber and definitely a GC rider. With time trials, we haven’t discovered yet how far he can go. He’s definitely a very resistant lad in stage races - the longer the better for him. You can see