aris-Tours used to be one of the biggest one-day races of the season and arguably the most prestigious behind what are now described

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Racing Out Of The Darkness
A vaccine is being rolled out, an end to the global pandemic may be on the horizon and yet races have still been cancelled for the 2021 season, as the impact of covid-19 stretches beyond 2020 into the new year. The Tour Down Under, which has been the
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Rob Stannard
Where’s home? Normally I’m based in Italy. I grew up in New Zealand, but I obviously represent Australia. I definitely feel Australian, that’s where I was born. But if I went home for Christmas, I’d go back to New Zealand. What’s your favourite race?
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‘89 The Greatest Tour
Cycling never seemed as bright, as optimistic, as full of promise as it did at the 1989 Tour de France. The sport teetered on the cusp between tradition and modernity as a previously closed world started opening up into new cultures. As did the world