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Hinterland Haven
They were young, idealistic and utterly unprepared for the waters into which they dived so enthusiastically. In 2005, a trio of young Queenslanders started a charity supporting Nepalese orphans. One of them had done a stint volunteering as an English
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Changing Tack
Although Ruth and Dzint Jurevicius tell people they’ve retired, the truth is their lives couldn’t be busier. Admittedly, Ruth has given up her demanding role as general manager of a training organisation and Dzint, his long-time career as a high scho
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Editor’s Letter
Happy new year to you all. I don’t think many of us were sorry to see the back of 2020 and I sincerely hope that 2021 delivers a smoother ride. If I were asked to count the silver linings in challenges posed by the pandemic, I’d rate a great deal of