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The United Nations has just published its most damning report yet on the state of the natural world. It warns that nature is being destroyed at a rate unprecedented in human history – and this is endangering our own survival.

Published by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, the report looks at a decade of so-called conservation efforts by 196 ratifying parties (including every member

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Species To Look Out For
Plump and sooty brown, with a broad white bib, the dipper is the archetypal bird of upland streams and rivers. Often you will spot one flying low over the water on fast, whirring wings, or bobbing on a waterside rock. Most of its food is obtained by
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Counting Cats
The main method for collecting information on tiger populations across their range is camera-trap. Two devices are positioned on either side of a trail, so that when a tiger passes by, it is photographed from both sides. The striped pattern of a tige
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No More ‘Tiger Kings’
Support for tigers in the wild could be given a further boost thanks to legislative changes currently afoot in the USA, where numbers of tigers in captivity (estimated at 5,000–10,000) far outnumber those in the wild. The Big Cat Public Safety Act is