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“HERE YOU GO,” LORI BEAN’S FATHER SAID TO HER ABOUT A decade ago. “Have at it.” He had handed his daughter her great-grandmother’s canning. The items had been languishing for years. “The art of preserving hadn’t carried on past my great-grandma,” Bean says, “and it wasn’t going to carry on unless I picked it up, and that bothered me.” Bean went to culinary school in Florida but focused on pastry. “When I was a kid, I was always in the kitchen with my grandma or great-grandma, watching their cooking techniques,” she says. “Baking taught me that there was always a method.”

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Meyer Education
It’s no accident that the Meyer lemon tree in Jason Stanhope’s backyard is the same age as his son. “When Leo was born, we planted a bunch of fruit trees, started a garden, and bought some chickens,” says the executive chef at FIG in Charleston, Sout