The overtime election

N NORMAL TIMES, THE STATE OF GEORGIA IS HOME to one of the 10 largest economies in the country. While it trails giants like New York and California, its economic might still registers at least twice as large as nine of its Southern neighbors’. And if political analysts are right, the Peach State is about to get a sweet fourth-quarter injection of political money that

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Another Shot
On a frigid morning in January, Trudy Ronnel settled into her favorite sofa chair at the Westminster Place senior-living community in Evanston, Ill., pulled down the neckline on her red blouse and braced herself for a shot she’d anticipated for almos
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CEOs Step Into The Breach
For decades, American CEOs studiously avoided wading into controversial issues of the day. There was no possible upside, only risk. But the apolitical CEO is one of the many norms shattered by President Donald Trump. The 45th President has made it ac
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During his last hours in office early Jan. 20, President Trump pardoned 74 people and commuted the sentences of 70 more. The list included his former adviser Steve Bannon, top fundraiser Elliott Broidy and the rapper Lil Wayne. Ireland’s Prime Minist