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Epic is an overused word, but appropriate in this case! This issue is all about taking on personal challenges, trying new things and not letting anything stand in your way – be

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Mountain Biking UK5 min gelesen
Winchester, Hampshire
With the country still locked down (at the time of writing), we’re playing it safe and staying local with a ride from Winchester, on the edge of the South Downs National Park. The route starts by the excellent Handlebar Cafe, but the car park is busy
Mountain Biking UK1 min gelesenNature
Snow Safety
We were attempting to summit Helvellyn, which is the third-highest point in England, at 950m, and also the tallest legally ridable peak, thanks to the bridleway to the top. It’s a route that’s not to be sniffed at even in good conditions. That we wer
Mountain Biking UK2 min gelesen
Trawsfynydd, Snowdonia
Route summary This route offers an easy off-road ride around the shores of Trawsfynydd Lake, with simple navigation, good trails and lovely views Start/finish The car park by the old power station (postcode: LL41 4DT, grid ref SH 681/389) 1 Turn le