On 'Up In The Clouds,' Sarah Jarosz Adjusts To Staying Still

The Americana artist's new song, written for Morning Edition's Song Project, is about having to hit the brakes on life after years in constant motion.
Sarah Jarosz's new track for Morning Edition's Song Project, "Up in the Clouds," is about coming to terms with life at a standstill. Source: Josh Wool

The Morning Edition Song Project, in which musicians compose an original song about the COVID-19 era, returns this week with singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz, Americana artist and one-third of the band I'm with Her. Jarosz had big plans for 2020: She recorded her first solo album in four years and had a new band and a big tour in the works. Naturally, it was tough when the pandemic shut everything down.

"I made this record that I just believe in so much and had the best time making," Jarosz says. "And

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