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Gourmet TV Dinners

on’t let the humble aluminum trays at (1464 W. 86th St., 317-824-1231, ) fool you. Steve Oakley’s take on the TV dinners of yesteryear reflects the creativity of a chef who has multiple James Beard nominations under his belt and slayed Bobby Flay in a televised battle over shrimp corn dogs. The Salisbury steak is a blend of four styles of local beef, the gravy has morel mushrooms in it, and the creamed spinach is garnished with pickled Indiana ramps. The TV dinners

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Our Best Shot
MY QUAKER CONGREGATION has gathered via Zoom for a year now. It has worked out so well, I’m concerned that when we’ve consigned COVID-19 to the dung heap of history, none of us will want to attend in person anymore. Everyone will prefer to sleep in,
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Starting From Scratch
HERRON SCHOOL of Art and Design grad Audra Stam, who spent a good part of the last decade snapping shots of sprinters and hurdlers, always suspected she would one day have a creative business of her own. She just didn’t know it would involve vegan ba
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Anti-Social Media
When I finished Lili Wright’s revealing profile of Greenwood teen Zoe LaVerne (p. 68), my worry began. LaVerne is one of the biggest stars on the social media app TikTok, a platform where users generate fleeting videos—mostly lip-synching and dancing