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This teen tutor turns computer science into kids’ stuff

Samvit Agarwal, a 17-year-old tech whiz from New Jersey, juggles his own computer studies with a nonprofit he founded to teach his peers high-tech skills. Source: Sarah Matusek/The Christian Science Monitor

For the past two years, since fifth grade, Aarav Khatri woke up on the weekends excited for more classes.

Separate from his schoolwork, his weekend computer science classes – given for free by the nonprofit CS Remastered (“CS” for computer science) – were taught by local teen volunteers at a few libraries in central New Jersey. With the guidance of tutors and his laptop, Aarav unlocked a limitless world, where lines of code could identify prime numbers, design dictionaries, or spit out a Fibonacci sequence.

“It was quite fun knowing that in class we might be making something cool,” says Aarav, now 13, who studied with the program through the summer.

CS Remastered founder Samvit Agarwal took extra time to explain to Aarav

Tailor-made lessonsTutors receive as much as they give

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