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edesigned joints - which were already in production - and a new sealing system were implemented, with an inspection regime, in time for the next flight.

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All About Space1 min gelesenAviation & Aeronautics
SpaceX Launches Next-gen GPS Satellite For US Space Force
SpaceX successfully launched an advanced GPS satellite for the US Space Force on 5 November, marking the first launch in nearly two weeks from Florida’s Space Coast. One of the company’s two-stage Falcon 9 rockets blasted off from Space Launch Comple
All About Space3 min gelesenAstronomy & Space Sciences
This Month’s Planets
Our ‘Planet of the Month’ this issue is mighty Jupiter, not because it is particularly bright but because there will be so much going on around it this month. During December this enormous gas giant planet will have a stunning and exceptionally rare
All About Space1 min gelesenAstronomy & Space Sciences
Extensions Of Parallax
The ‘annual parallax’ method used by Bessel to measure nearby stars paved the way for other ingenious methods of distance measurement. Statistical parallax uses the proper motions of stars as a direct distance indicator on the assumption that, on ave