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Christmas Gift Guide
Cost: £479.99 (approx. $631.80) – price may vary From: and other UK retailers The Celestron NexStar 4SE is a fully computerised and motorised telescope. After a brief set-up procedure, visible objects from your location ca
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The Mass Gaps By The Numbers
2.6 Size in solar masses of the discovered object 23 Size in solar masses of the black hole 3, 000 Number of kilometres between the two detectors making up LIGO 2019 Year the object was discovered, on 14 August 20 Diameter of a neutron star’s core in
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Dark Matter Galaxy Debunked
Back in 2016, researchers claimed to have found a galaxy made almost completely of dark matter. Now that claim has fallen apart. The galaxy, Dragonfly 44 (DF44), belongs to a class of mysterious objects known as ultra-diffuse galaxies, or UDGs. Resea