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Heaviest neutron star

ince the object’s measurements place it at the lower end of the mass gap, it is closer in

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Lessons NASA Learned
Redesigned joints - which were already in production - and a new sealing system were implemented, with an inspection regime, in time for the next flight. This also added a third O-ring, and heaters to the joints. The establishment of a new SR&QA offi
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Dark Matter Galaxy Debunked
Back in 2016, researchers claimed to have found a galaxy made almost completely of dark matter. Now that claim has fallen apart. The galaxy, Dragonfly 44 (DF44), belongs to a class of mysterious objects known as ultra-diffuse galaxies, or UDGs. Resea
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Launch Pad
NGC 2798 was discovered by William Herschel in 1788, while NGC 2799 was discovered in 1874 by Ralph Copeland. We can only imagine what those astronomers would have given to see this stunning image of the two barred spiral galaxies interacting. As NAS