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Naked eye & binocular targets

1 Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis)

hining at magnitude +0.6, this red supergiant, marking Orion’s shoulder, is the ninth-brightest star in the sky. 530 light years from Earth, it is

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All About Space6 min gelesenChemistry
What’s At The Centre Of Jupiter And Saturn?
Of all the planets in our Solar System, Jupiter and Saturn are perhaps the most mischaracterised. Known as gas giants, many may naturally assume that these two behemoths consist of nothing but gas and clouds to their cores. While it’s true that they
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This Month’s Planets
Our ‘Planet of the Month’ this issue is mighty Jupiter, not because it is particularly bright but because there will be so much going on around it this month. During December this enormous gas giant planet will have a stunning and exceptionally rare
All About Space1 min gelesenAstronomy & Space Sciences
Extragalactic Planets By The Numbers
2010 Year of the first possible extragalactic planet discovery 2 TRILLION The number of other galaxies in which to look for planets 4,374 The number of exoplanets found in our own Milky Way 1999 The year NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory launched 0.12