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Bite into a freshly fried, pillowy beignet, and there’s a burst of air, confectioners’ sugar puffing out as the interior hollow collapses in. Beyond offering a decadent taste of pastry, the beignet sends one on a sensational journey to the fantastic city it hails from, calling to mind the aroma of hot chicory coffee, the convivial sound of jazz, and of ancient oak trees glimmering with strands of green, gold, and purple beads. Brought to Louisiana in the 18th century by the Acadian settlers from the French colonies in Canada, beignets have become an emblematic star of New Orleans’ Cajun-style pâtisserie. In the historic French Quarter, the most iconic of beignets is served at Café du Monde. Established in 1862 as a humble coffee stand, Café du Monde serves only one pastry item, beignets, preferably with a cup of the Creole standard of café au lait, a dark-roasted chicory coffee cut with hot milk.

While there’s much unique magic to be found in New Orleans, the particular glory of the beignet can be brought to your home kitchen. We’ll take you from shaping to frying, helping you master the basics in between. With three foolproof recipes, from classic to perfectly praline, you’ll soon be bringing a bit of Crescent City charm to your corner of the world.


Makes 24 beignets

Our recipe offers the crisp, golden standard of a beignet, perfect with only an adornment of confectioners’ sugar. Our dough can be made and chilled overnight before a morning fry in oil for a breakfast of beignets the

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