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Create A Two-tone Scheme
Some combinations go together naturally, like pink and green, so look for examples in magazines and online and make a mood board. If you’re incorporating tiles, choose the tile colour first. Get samples and place them on the wall or floor where you’r
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Rose’s choice: WOODEN WORKTOPS
Kind on crockery and warm to touch, there’s a lot to love about wooden worktops. Buying sustainably sourced timber – ask for FSC accreditation – also makes wood a genuine eco-friendly option. Hardwoods. The most commonly available are oak, ash, walnu
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Hi There!
Family legend has it that I learned to walk on floor joists. Renovations have been part of my life for as long as I can remember, growing up in houses that definitely fell into the ‘project’ category. I don’t have a handyman on speed dial – I call my