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Buoyant Byrne


directed by Spike Lee

f you saw David Byrne’s New Zealand performances on his tour in late 2018, you might have thought that, as a concert, it was a once-in-alifetime kind

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Mortality On Her Mind
Margaret Atwood’s name is most often associated with The Handmaid’s Tale, her 1985 novel of a dystopian, ultra-patriarchal religious state – a book that has acquired a new generation of readers during the Trump years. Atwood’s prolific and distinguis
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Ben Sanders
Whenever I want a laugh and a lesson on great fiction, I re-read Martin Amis’ best novel, The Information (Penguin). It’s about a 40-year-old writer who tries to wreck the life of a more successful writer friend. The prose is superb: Amis’ high style
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