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Sporting Shooter2 min gelesen
Helping Farmers
THERE is often something to shoot when the game dries up and a 1950s distinctly Australian rabbit rifle gives me double-deuce delight. Some time back my luck continued to improve when a friend's normally very productive fallow block almost dried up …
Sporting Shooter1 min gelesen
Enduro - Full Boar - Working Dog Competition
WINNER Send us a digital JPEG image of your favorite K9 for a chance to be featured in this space. There will be one winner per month. The winning dog image will be featured in this space and receive a FREE 20kg bag of ENDURO FULL BOAR delivered to y
Sporting Shooter7 min gelesen
CZ’s New Model 515 Rimfire
ODAY, certain rifles have become benchmarks against which all other rifles are judged. For example the Czech Brno Model 1 and elegant CZ Model 452 rimfire were far and away the most popular and highly regarded bolt action rimfires produced, if not fo