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Sporting Shooter7 min gelesen
Razorback Country
MAKE no mistake, Cape York Peninsula in late October is a hot place, and that’s exactly why we were here. Fast-drying waterholes and oppressive heat would hopefully improve the likelihood of getting amongst some top quality pigs and with a bit of luc
Sporting Shooter8 min gelesen
30 Nosler Handloading
AFTER noting considerable differences in loading data for the 30 Nosler between its originator and Hodgdon, I decided to enlist the aid of the QuickLOAD program, MagnetoSpeed chronograph and Kolbe P-Max to develop my own load data. The Kolbe P-Max me
Sporting Shooter1 min gelesenComputers
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ENTRIES: Please email your high resolution. jpg or png pig hunting image as an attachment to the email addressed to – all images must be at least 1MB in size. For entry to be valid the following contact details must be includ