Google Answer Box Strategy

Leveraging the Google PAA (People Also Ask) element on a Search Results Page for Targeted Content Creation with a Python Scraper

All businesses that are online today are creating content at a furious pace. According to Technavio, a research firm, content marketing will grow by an incremental $269.24 billion.

Typically, in companies large and small, there is a challenge around ‘what content to produce.’ In large corporations, this often comes down to who is paying the content, and the content takes a slant towards the specific business unit funding the content initiative. Smaller firms are typically stuck, thinking about what material to create.

In early 2020, Ahrefs, an SEO tool provider, analyzed over 1 billion pages on the web and concluded that 90.63% of those pages get 0 traffic from Google, and 5.29% get less than ten visits a month. Here is a link to their complete findings. A visual depiction sourced from Ahrefs is provided below.

So for any business, the challenge to produce engaging content that ranks well on Google and gathers a respectable amount of traffic is quite

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