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Can the DA provide real hope?

AS DA members converge virtually for the party’s elective congress, the dominant slogan will be: “Real hope, real change. Now!”

That is the theme for the congress, starting today, in which a new leader will be

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A FORMER Eskom contractor has been granted a hefty bail fee of £100 000 (more than R1.9 million) and has paid a further £250 000 (about R4.9m) as surety at the Westminister Magistrate’s Court in the UK. ■
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1184BC Using stealth and guile, the Greeks besieging Troy finally enter the city hidden inside the fabled Trojan Horse. 1066 Halley’s Comet over the skies of England prompts monk Eilmer of Malmesbury to predict the country’s destruction. Shortly af
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Quick Read
FOLLOWING hot on the heels of the EQS flagship sedan that was unveiled last week, Mercedes-Benz has pulled the covers off yet another electric car and this one slots in at the lower end of the range. As its name implies, the GLB is closely related to